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Past the point of no return

no going back now

The Phantom of the Opera
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Everyone knows that the Phantom of the Opera lived in the Opera house, and it who him that secretly tutored Christine. Also we know that he feel in love with her. But did she love him?? Was she better off with Raoul her childhood sweetheart? You may state your opinions on these questions and more. Anything Phantom goes here. Right now we are having a Meg theme. But you can still discuss anything Phantom!

1. No stealing icons will be allowed. If I found out you did you will be BANNED no questions asked. And if you rejoin with a differant user name you will be banned under that name too.
2. Please lj-cut all large pictures or fan fiction.
3. Stay on topic.
4. Only promote Phantom communites here. No rating or other movie promotions will be allowed. Unless the mod has given you permission.
5. Stay active, and introduce yourself upon joining.

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